Program Learn MoreDescription of ProgramCost Rags to Riches RatingFrom Rags to Riches Rating - Superman - Trading Smallcaps
WebsiteTeaches you how to use research reports and stock alerts to make money on buying stocks with explosive potential.$249 MonthlyBBB didn’t have any knowledge of Paul Superman but gave him 4 stars and an excellent review stating, “His Super Trades site offers a full chat room where you can watch real-time trades and ask direct questions to Superman and his community of subscribers.”
Website - Timothy Sykes - Teaching Penny StocksWebsiteTeaches students how to trade penny stocks and how to be a better trader in general. You will also get real-time alerts as well.$149 MonthlyBBB didn’t have any knowledge of Timothy Sykes but did give him very good review. From Rags to Riches would give him a fair review.
Swing Trading - Jason BondWebsiteProvides a proven, market-tested system that will put you on the fast-track to becoming a successful stock trader. This program is meant for day traders and busy professionals who want to make only a few trades per week.299 per quarterBBB had several complaints about Jason Bond Picks mostly billing complaints from people wanting refunds and the company refusing to give them. However, gave him a 5-star review for his program. If you are serious about investing in a program and an afford to sign a no refunds contract we recommend this program.