Program Learn MoreDescription of ProgramCost Rags to Riches RatingFrom Rags to Riches Rating
Tia Lopez Real Estate Investing Website An online education program that provides you with actionable training in real estate flipping, a 4-month social media marketing program or eBook with 6 steps creating a consulting business from scratch. Also includes a webinar that tells you why now is the best time to start a consulting business.$295-$1000+Every review we could find about Tia Lopez stated he didn’t have any education on any of the subjects he is selling programs for. Some even stated that Tia Lopez even rented the house and car he says he bought with money he made with said programs he is trying to sell. In From Rags to Riches opinion he wouldn’t recommend any Tia Lopez program.
Real Estate Profit System - Dean GraziosiWebsite Course that provides the fundamentals of investing in real estate, how to fix and flip houses, finding real estate through Facebook, and more. Also includes the Abundance Mastery Course.$997Researching this program I couldn't find any positive reveiws and noticed that even the website hadn't been updated since 2015. Laws change every year and with that being said From Rags to Riches wouldn't recommend this program.
Udemy - Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix & Flip , Step by Step!Website Learn how to fix and flip your first real estate investing deal with no experience. Excel as a Real Estate Entrepreneur! $10This program is only $10 and has a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s got a 4.4-star rating with over 180 reviews. If you are a beginner looking for a deal this would be the program for you. From Rags to Riches recommends this program
Bigger Pockets, Inc.
A Beginner's Introduction to Real Estate Investing
Website A free 62 video lessons for a total of just over 4 hours and a free eBook videos designed to teach you how to get started with real estate. You’ll learn about:

• The benefits to real estate investing
• The four different ways real estate can make you wealthy
• Investing with a full-time job
• How to gain the best education
• Choosing the right investing strategy
• Creating a plan that accomplishes YOUR goals
• How to find great real estate deals
• Financing your deal, no matter how much money is in
your bank account
• And so much more!
FreeThese are great free videos to get you started in real estate investing. It’s well worth the 4-hour investment and teaches you what other programs charge you $1000’s for the same information. From Rags to Riches recommends this product.
Bill Vaughn’s "The Simple Man's Guide® to Real Estate"WebsiteWhat You Will Learn:
• 22 different methods, in detail - at least one for every situation
• How Homero, Russell and many others profited in as little as 2 weeks (see examples, above)
• How To Buy Homes, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Real Estate, Raw Land and Even Foreclosures, Often With Little or No Money Down and No Credit Check
• How To Create passive income for life
• How To Get Unlimited Access To Foreclosure &Tax Lien Listings at no cost
• How To Wholesale (assign) Properties for quicker profits
• And much, much more
$89.95 This course includes free calls with real estate investors not a call center and a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK if you do not close on at least 6 properties and earn at least $100,000 your very first year. From Rags to Riches recommends this product.