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Social Media Marketing - Tai LopezWebsite A 4-month social media marketing program that will show you how to pick your niche, form your company, become a master of social media, ways to acquire high-value customers, how to service your customers, build your team, and automate your workflow.$295-$1000+Based on all the reviews and research we did Tia Lopez hasn’t earned a dime doing any of the things he teaches in his programs. He even rented the house and car he said he owned in his videos. In our opinion, we wouldn’t recommend this program.
Million Dollar Business Secrets - T. Harv EkerWebsite Take this class to discover how to create wealth in any business you choose. This is a 4-module online training program that reveals critical strategies that allow elite business owners to get incredibly wealthy.$497After hours of research there wasn’t much online about this company that T.Harv Eker didn’t pay for himself. All his books have great reviews and are on Amazon for sale. We did find complaints in saying all the free seminars were all about getting you to buy his products. If you don't mind pressure sales this is a okay program.
DIYGeniusWebsite 10 Free Online Courses in Social Media And Inbound MarketingFreeThis has more Social Media Marketing information than any of the paid programs I’ve found. It’ free and has current information. From Rags to Riches recommends this product.